I am so so happy to introduce ỌNA, my brand new 2021 collection of 6 new monochromatic African inspired contemporary prints. I chose the name ‘ỌNA’ because “ỌNA” means way or road in YorubaIt is pronounced like the word ‘honour’ but without any emphasis on the ‘H’. Something like ‘Or-nor’, ‘or-naw’ etc
 Many of us may have felt like we lost our way a little in 2020. You may have had to make some tough decisions along your way. My hope and prayer is that you find your way again in 2021 and that you find what makes you happy. It may be something very simple, or a complete change of environment. Whatever it is, it is worth following it, and I hope it brings you to the place you want to be.

Click here to view The na Collection.

Tribal art African art boho decor

Tribal art home decor prints alejomi Alejo mi
Hope you love this collection, and I would love to read your comments about the prints. Which one is your favourite, which one would you gift, where would you hang one, and why?
Tumi x

Do you know that I have launched a series of unique Africa inspired desktop and device wallpapers for FREE. I spent the latter part of 2020 thinking of ways to say THANK YOU to my newsletter subbies and I am so happy to be launching a collection of monthly wallpapers. To add more excitement, I will be giving EVERY single newsletter subscriber early access to the wallpapers, so you can be sure to have your new wallpaper ready for use before it gets released on my blog. 

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Stay tuned, for more Art and more product releases.
Tumi x