Alejo Mi in PeruMe in Peru



I founded Alejo Mi As a response to the demand from the people I knew to create African Print inspired housewarming gifts and decor. My handmade ceramic coasters and tile coasters with African Print were an instant hit at Africa Fashion Week London 2019 and the demand just kept growing from there.

Alejo Mi was originally created exclusively for a handful of people who wanted handmade statement pieces to decorate their homes. Over the years, I have grown Alejo Mi into a business where people who have an eclectic taste and a love of Boho prints can acquire home decor. My range extends from handmade coasters to mugs to artwork prints.


Alejo Mi means ‘My Guest’ in Yoruba, the language of my mother tongue.  

Growing up, we always kept the best things for when a visitor or guest came over. These things were the prettiest, shiniest, most luxurious things that we owned, and we brought them out purely to make our guests feel cherished and loved. That is the sentiment behind 'Alejo Mi'.

Here you will find lots of things to decorate and enhance the beauty of your home, help yourself to them, be 'Alejo Mi', be ‘my guest’.


Designer at ALEJO MI