How to Create a Modern African Inspired Home Interior Design with Photos

So you love the aesthetic of the Modern African home but you don't know where to begin. Our tips below will get you started on your Modern African interior design journey. 


1. Bold African Inspired Statement Pieces 

Specifically table-top items which when strategically placed can instantly elevate the space and communicate the kind of vibe you're going for. With a bold African mask, basket, vase or trinket, you can instantly convey your design goals with a piece or two. These items also often tell a story, and if you can find out the story behind the piece, your home can be further enriched as you can share this piece of history with your guests.

African Calabash Modern African Decor Photo by Muthengi Mbuvi African Modern Art Model Photo by Jeremy Bezanger

Don't know where to find these pieces? These items are often sold in the bazaar or markets across Africa. Avoid buying African art from Alibaba or the likes, you will most likely be buying fakes or copies which won't have the authentic quality you are looking for. (Alibaba is great for other items). 

2. Modern African Wall Art Prints 

A super easy way to add some African inspiration and create your Modern African Inspired home is to add some wall art. Contemporary African wall art or Modern African wall art is a great way to add a very modern African influence.

African Modern Art by Alejo Mi

3. Woven Wall Hangings, Baskets, Lighting and Art 

The Modern African Interior style embraces wall hangings, lighting and wall art as a means to show personality. You are encouraged to be bold with colour, shape and style. You can add some modern African inspired art, or go with ornaments sourced from the African continent.

Afro Boho Chic Wall Hanging Photo by Efecan Efe

4. Neutral Toned Rugs

Whilst colour can play a big part of the Modern African Interior aesthetic, the main structure is composed on neutral tones which borrow their colour palette from elements found in nature. Typically rugs will be of a woven material in alight brown, beige, cream, natural white, black or grey. A pop of colour can be added in the accessories within the home which can be changed up with the season and your taste.

Afro Boho Chic woven rug Photo by Selenic Moon

5. Large Leafed Plants 

Much like the Bohemian style that is loved today, plants are also a big feature of the Modern African Interior style. They contrast beautifully with the darkness of the wood and boldness of the colours. They tie everything in and add a touch of nature into your space.

Large Leafed Plant Photo by Scott Webb

5. Antique Brass and Gold Ornaments

The Modern African Interior style is complemented with striking ornaments and bold statement pieces. The quickest way to get the desired look is to use ancient metals which appear slightly tarnished or age. Antique brass and gold are not as shiny and bright as their newer counterparts. Add them on top of consoles, on shelving, bookcases and more to navigate the eye to your focal points.

Ornaments on a table Afro Boho Chic style Photo by Sammsara Luxury


The Modern African aesthetic is relatively new and is constantly evolving, it is up to you to find your own way to express it. I hope these tips help!

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