5 EASY Rental Friendly Bathroom DIY Hacks

5 EASY Rental Friendly Bathroom DIY Hacks

Length: 2-3 Minutes.

Looking for ideas to transform your rental bathroom? Unsure as to where to start, how to get the most bang for your buck? Well
look no further. Use these 5 DIY hacks to give your bathroom a makeover and an instant boost.

1) Clean Grout Lines - We’ve all seen the dreaded mouldy mil-dewy discoloured grout. Grab your bleach and mildew removal products and blitz it back to its original colour. Don’t be afraid to remove and re-caulk again if you need to. It’ll be worth it!

2) Switch-Up Your Soft Furnishings - Bath mats, towels, hand towels and blinds (if you have them). Dare to add a pop of colour or explore a theme without having to commit to it. 

3) Removable Wallpaper - Boho prints are IN but next week it may be tribal or monochrome. Experiment with your walls with the confidence that you can Ctrl- undo everything back to how it was before. Avoid areas close to humidity or water. Check out Etsy.com for some amazing choices.

4) No Drill Shelving - Floating functional shelving can go a long way in reducing visual clutter. There are a lot of options out there try Amazon.co.uk for some great options.

5) Stick-On Mirrors - Mirrored surfaces are the sure fire way to make a space feel bigger and increase the glamour and light. Create a full length mirror wall that will make your bathroom look bigger or try adding the mirror squares to the back of your bathroom door. It’s discreet but makes a BIG impact and is perfect for doing the final checks before heading out.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and find them useful. In the end your rental home is worth putting your own mark on and making it your very own. 

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