Length: 2 Minutes.

Not looking to commit to the work involved in a full makeover? Don’t have the time or don’t want to spend the time? Well
look no further. Use these 5 hacks to makeover your home without the tough decisions.

1) Soft Furnishings - It sounds really simple - because it is! Create a whole new colour scheme with new cushions, curtains, placemats, coasters, beddings, throws and other items.

2) New Artwork  - Make a statement, be bold, it’s okay, you can do the opposite complete tomorrow.

Alejo Mi artwork

3) Centrepieces - These don’t have to be limited to weddings and special events. Add some carefully curated centrepieces to your coffee table, bedside table. Use candles, coffee table books, desk tidied or other items with your favour prints and designs. Add a slogan for you to see when entering and leaving the room. Be creative with it.

4) Candles - Change the scentscape of your home, experiment with different scents for different spaces.

5) Rugs - Are you still waiting for the perfect time to buy that rug you’ve always wanted? The time is now. Eclectic boho style is on-trend and you can be as wild or conservative as you want. Clashing is good, get the rug, swap it if you change your mind.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips and find them useful. In the end your rental home is worth putting your own mark on and making it your very own. 

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Founder, Alejo Mi


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